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The Association for the Preservation of Historical Documents and Cultural Heritage “Arxeion Taxis” is a collective effort that aspires to actively contribute to preserve, showcase, and give prominence to cultural heritage, emphasizing historical documents and especially historical archives.

In this light, Arxeion Taxis aims to collaborate with public/state organizations, groups that advance relevant scientific initiatives, and a wider network of citizens who are aware of the significance of archives. The non-profit organization Arxeion Taxis was founded in 2011 and consists of five members.

Objectives of the Association:

  1. To promote study and research in issues pertinent to the preservation, processing, filing, handling and protection of archival material and historical documents (e.g. historical records, oral accounts, photographs) from different entities in Greece and abroad (public/state organizations, private stakeholders, ecclesiastical organizations).

  2. To register, study, and promote historical documents, archival sources, and the cultural heritage of diasporic Greek communities.

  3. To showcase and give prominence to the significance of engaging with historical archives as a process of handling information and cultivating historical memory.

  4. To raise awareness and inform educators about the importance of historical documents in the educational process.

  5. To promote and develop historical education among pupils and students through the use of historical documents.

  6. To plan, implement, and realize educational and research programs, relevant to the aims of the association.

  7. To implement new technologies in order to showcase, promote, and widely circulate historical documents, emphasizing digitization and online availability.

  8. To consistently give prominence to Greek cultural heritage both in Greece and abroad.

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